Posted by: geolocke | 2015/07/17

Let It Be

Sometimes I feel like Simon the fisherman, first believing, but then growing afraid and doubting after stepping from the boat onto the water. Sometimes though, I am more like Saul, the Pharisee, wrapped in self-righteousness, hard of heart and unwilling to trust in the power of goodness and love.

And there are times when I find myself caught up in performing my expected duties like Martha in her home instead of imitating her sister Mary who sat quietly at the feet of the Lord, listening in wonder and love. Other times I find myself distraught like Magdalene after finding the empty tomb, or demanding proof like Thomas asking to see and touch the holes where the nails and spear had been, instead of having the faith of John who looked into the empty tomb and believed.

These times we live in are hard and disbelieving, and sometimes they threaten to weigh down my spirit.

But Simon’s profession of faith was honest and he was remade Peter, the rock upon which the Church was built. And once the scales fell from Saul’s eyes his heart was opened and he was remade Paul who spread the good news to the empire and since then to the world. Martha and Mary received their brother Lazarus back from the dead because of their faith, and Magdalene’s grief was turned to joy when she was granted the gift of being the first to greet the risen Lord and to proclaim the good news to the Apostles. And Thomas who first required proof, believed immediately upon seeing, just as John had before.

And so, I have Hope that despite my shortcomings, despite my flaws of character, despite the un-thinking injuries with which I harm others, despite my sometimes wavering will and faith; I have hope that I too might one day have the scales dropped from my eyes, and my heart opened, and to believe in and profess our Risen Lord with all assuredness, and to be remade into something new, not of my own desire, but of the Lord’s desire. And so that Hope leads me in imitation of our Blessed Mother Mary to offer my own prayer for forgiveness, acceptance and obedience to our Lord.

Let it be done to me as You Will, Lord. Amen.



  1. What a beautiful reflection “let it be”…there are so many complexities in our world today, but the disposition of heart that you describe is the same solution every person you name has found. Perennial wisdom, deep faith.
    Sister Renee

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