Posted by: geolocke | 2018/10/24

Held Aloft By God’s Love

From its earliest days the Church has used symbols to help teach and instruct members of the body of Christ, just as He himself did when he walked the earth preaching the good news and teaching through the use of parables. Having an understanding of this leads me to see and recognise messages of God’s Love and providential care in the ordinary and natural signs that surround me every day.

And so it was that this past Sunday on my way to Church I took notice of a hawk soaring high above the road. A cold front had come through the night before, blowing away the previous day’s stormy weather, and it was now clear, bright, and gusty.  The Hawk was riding high on the winds, but appeared to be having a tough time being buffeted about by the sudden gusts of wind.

My thought at the time was that “even the creatures of the earth must sometimes struggle against the storms of life that blow us about.” Such were my thoughts, gloomily reflecting on the struggles of this past year which at times seemed to have no end. Upon arriving at Church, I took my place in the choir loft and, after warming up for the day’s Mass, I had a few minutes for some prayer and quiet reflection.

The sun was shining through one of the windows directly in my face. So I closed my eyes and, thinking about the cool gusty air just outside, basked in the stillness and warmth of the bright sunlight. I then remembered the image of the hawk being buffeted about by the Gusts of wind. In a flash it occurred to me that maybe I was wrong in my first thought about the hawk seeming to be struggling against the winds.

What if, instead of  struggling against the wind, the hawk had actually been rejoicing in the gift of the wind and taking advantage of the gusts to carry it higher; using God’s gift of fresh wind to lift it up to have a better vantage from which to see the ground below and farther away?

Then I thought that, instead of struggling against the storms of life that have washed over me this past year, which I have perceived to be an endless chain of sorrows to be overcome, what if I look at the experiences I have passed through as an opportunity to lift my head up higher and survey the terrain about me and gain a new perspective on what is really important in my life?

Maybe the storms of life are really just God’s way of shaking us loose from the chains of our self expectations so we can be lifted up and held by His Love. My Sunday celebration of Mass was much more meaningful after that thought.



  1. This is truly a marvelous discovery of God’s Love! Trials and afflictions bring us to Him!

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    • Thanks Marjorie. I’m learning little by little.


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