Posted by: geolocke | 2018/07/30

At Rest

Dad is now at rest. His pain, confusion, and suffering of these past five years are now stilled. And yet, I must go on for the “business” side of dying is left to the living. There’s bills to be paid and matters of the estate to settle, and somewhere in all this madness I still need to find time to actually go to work at my job.

There hardly seems time to sit back and grieve for the loss of my dad. Yet there are still the spare quiet moments in these early hours during and after morning prayer when I can take time to think back over all what has occurred and to quietly shed a few tears.  In truth, I’ve been shedding them for years as I watched over dad’s slow decline, but there are still many more tears left to shed. Not just my own tears, but those also of my mother, and sisters and brothers.

But life is all about living, growing, nurturing, helping one another, and giving thanks for all the Blessings that have been given to all of us.  So we cannot just stop and sit paralyzed, dwelling on what has gone before. Instead, we hold the memories of our dear father like a treasure close to our hearts as we step forward and face the new day, and all the days that will follow.

For we are a family, a people who hope in the life that is yet to come beyond this existence. So we move forward despite the struggles that still lie before us – although at present our vision may be blurred with tears – and we look forward to the day when our own time comes to lay down these burdens and take our rest with all those who have gone before us; to the time when we close our eyes on this darkening world, and peering around the corner of death’s dark door, opening them with clear vision and beholding the ever present light of God’s Eternal Love which waits for us.



  1. Dearest George, Our love, our prayers and thoughts are with you all as you embrace His Cross. Marjorie 💞 Jim

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  2. A beautiful reflection on what grieving is like for believers. A loved one’s passing brings us closer to our own mortality and urges us to use the time we have here to prepare for the hereafter.
    S My prayers are with you and your loved ones.


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