Posted by: geolocke | 2018/06/08

In All Things, Love

In times of happiness and in times of sorrow,
In times of plenty and in times of poverty,
In times of Sickness, and in times of good health,
I give myself to you, until we are parted in death.

These words, a rough paraphrase of what we know as wedding vows, are a powerful prayer and a promise that is taken willingly, and with eyes wide open, exchanged by a couple in anticipation of joining their lives to each other. The couple chooses to live, no longer as individuals but as a union from that moment, and through all situations and circumstances that their lives might bring to them, until death comes to separate them.

With that union often comes children – both born of that union or adopted into that union – and the commensurate joys, struggles, and rewards of raising those children to their adulthood. Children are almost implicitly a part of all the stations in life refered to in these vows. But it occurs to me that, in a sense, these same vows can also be seen to reciprocate as an unspoken bond of love between the child and the parents.

This prayer, this pledge of devotion, this promise of love is there through all the dark nights sitting with a sick child, or a dying parent. It is there as we watch our children grow and mature and get married and start families of their own, and it is there as we watch our parents grow older and more feeble and less able to care for themselves. It is there during the joys of new birth and the sorrows of burying a beloved one. It is there through all stations of our lives, always there in the background saying; “in all ways, I love you.”

This is the same pledge that God makes to each and every one of us through his Son, Jesus Christ. And Christ reaffirms this when he bestows upon us the Holy Spirit – the very embodiment of the bond of Love between God the Father and Christ the Son. For God is Love, and the Love of God remains with us throughout every moment of our lives, regardless whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. Those who choose to acknowledge Gods Love cannot keep it to themselves but must share it, for this Love is too great to be kept bottled up inside.

This Love is what gives us words to express the tremendous joy that erupts from within our spirits when we catch a glimpse of a beautiful sunrise, or gaze into the eyes of our loved ones, or when we reach out and touch the hand of a beloved friend.

This Love is what gives us strength to persevere through the darkest of nights when we sit bedside with a sick child or an aged parent who suffers in pain and confusion.

And this Love is what comforts us as we say goodbye in death to those we love, and what gives us the inexpressible hope, as we face our own end of life, that this is not the end, that there is something wonderful waiting for us beyond all the pain and suffering in this world.

A hope and belief that we will close our eyes on this world and open them upon a fresh new day without pain, without sorrow, without suffering. We will awake to find ourselves totally embraced in a Love that exists without beginning and without end.

And we believe that we will finally gaze upon the face of our Creator and know that we have been healed and made whole and will forever remain in this wonderous Eternal Love.


  1. Faith, Hope and Love beautifully expressed! What a magnificent Gift! Thanks for sharing your Gift with us⚓️Marjorie

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