Posted by: geolocke | 2017/04/16

The New Day

The sun shone brightly through my windows this morning, piercing a small gap in my blinds and curtains and, settling on my eyes, awakening me from my sleep. Rising, I opened the curtains and blinds, letting the brilliant light into my dark room. Instantly everything within was illuminated in the brilliant sunlight that was streaming in. It shone much like I imagine it shone into the empty tomb on that first Easter Morning so many years ago.

The women who had come to that tomb peered in but found the tomb empty. They ran and told the Disciples, who themselves ran to the tomb and also saw that it was empty.  The Man they had known and lived with; remembering the wondrous joys of his teachings, miracles, and healings, and still in shock from watching the horrors of his crucifixion and death; that man was gone.

Their Teacher, their Master, their Friend was not there. All that lay in the tomb were his burial cloths, illuminated by the brilliant rays of that sunrise so many years ago.

But they discovered him when they put aside their thoughts of the man they had known and opened their eyes to who He truly was, mistaking him for a Gardener, or a fellow pilgrim on the road, only to have the light of His revelation shine into the darkness of their thoughts.

So may it be with me today on this Easter Morning and everyday that follows. May I not focus so much on the Christ that I know from scripture that I miss the Christ who walks by my side today. May I see Christ in the faces of the poor, the hungry, and the homeless who live in the forgotten places of our cities. May I see Christ in the faces of refugees fleeing wars, poverty, and oppression. May I be Christ to those who hate and mock me for my faith.

May the light of Christ burst into the darkness of my heart, filling it with the brilliant rays of His Love. May He illuminate my mind with His Revelation of who He was, who He IS and who He will forever be, Loving all eternally, God without beginning or end. And may I  share that Love with those around me, be they stranger, friend or foe.



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