Posted by: geolocke | 2017/03/06

Love one another …

It’s nice how the Lenten season eases into the normal pattern of our lives. We have Ash Wednesday which forces us to take a look at ourselves and then a couple of days to think about it and then we have a near repeat on the following Sunday but this time with a bit more focus (and without the ashes, externally at least.)

I always feel a little excited when Lent comes. I really haven’t placed my finger on it yet, but I think the reason has something to do with the extreme focus we place upon our lives and how we live them. This tends to make some folks a bit uncomfortable, but I like the challenge. I see it as an exercise in spiritual growth.

I’ve written before on the topic of “being Third” (Love God, Love Neighbor, Love Self), but the readings from yesterday and this morning have opened a new ray of insight for me.

When we are created, each and every one of us are created in God’s image. Regardless of who we are, or where we come from, or what we believe in, each and every one of us is created in the Image of God.  And God has placed God’s Love within each and every one of us because God *is* Love.

What we do with that Love is up to us because God also gave us free will. If we choose to keep God’s Love to ourselves, then it will grow cold and lie dormant within our hearts.  Dormant hearts are like empty real estate just waiting for any stray emotions of thoughts to come and occupy them and to rule over them.

But if we choose to share God’s Love with one another, then God’s Love will grow in strength and community until it might even awaken the Love that lies sleeping in the dormant hearts that walk among us. Once awakened, those once dormant hearts can gather strength and support from the community of Love until they have room for nothing but Love.

I know this sounds silly, or childish, and perhaps I should have realized this years before now, but it is better to have realized this late in my journey, then never to have realize it at all.

Love one another, just as we ourselves have been Loved.

Have a happy Lenten Journey.



  1. Beautiful!! You are right George we must become like little children to be loved and to love ❤️

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