Posted by: geolocke | 2016/09/05

A Gentle Lesson In Humility

The good Lord has a gentle way of reminding us that we are best off when we stay humble.

Yesterday was a tough day, I’ll admit, and I went to bed relieved for how things turned out, but feeling a bit sorry for myself for having to go through with it all again.

This morning, the Lord reminded me in a gentle way that things are not all that bad and I should keep a smile on my face. First, after I got dressed for Church and was cleaning my glasses, they broke in my hands. Okaaaay…. Not totally broken, but broken enough that I can only just prop them on my nose so I can still drive.

Right then! I walk outside to take our dog on patrol before we leave for Church and I walk right into an Orb Weaver’s spider web that was woven under the grape arbor last night, right in my normal path. I spin around and do the heebie-jeebies dance and manage to wrap myself in spider web, all over my face and broken glasses, my clothes, hair, beard, nose and mouth… I nearly fall down I am tripping over everything out there trying to make sure there is *not* a spider wrapped up in all that webbing.

I get myself cleaned up as best as I can, tugging at webbing all in my hair, beard, face, everywhere that is inconvenient, and we get out the door and down the road. I’m still pulling bits of spider web off of me as we pull into the Church parking lot. I leave my glasses in the car to keep from completely breaking them and go into church where we find the elevator broken. That doesn’t bother me, but I parked at the top of the hill so my wife could use the elevator instead of using the outside steps.

In Mass, I’m seeing triple and quintuple vision without my glasses on. Between the surgical scars, floaters and astigmatism, I can’t see clearly more than 8 inches in front of my nose without them, so most of the mass was spent with my eyes closed or squinting at blurry shapes that might have been waving at me, I really couldn’t tell… Oh, and still pulling bits of cob web off of me.

After Mass, we went for breakfast where, you guessed it, I was still pulling cob webs off of me. Afterwards we stopped my mom and dad’s house and then came home where I discovered that somehow, I managed to set my phone to display everything in the tiniest possible font, which I couldn’t read even *if* I was wearing my glasses. It has taken me several hours of messing with it, but I finally got things back to their regular font.

Ok Lord, I *think* I’ve gotten your message. Accept the path set before me with a humble spirit and stop feeling sorry for myself… I get that now… Thank you for this gentle lesson.



  1. George! You are sooooo adorable!! Peace!!

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