Posted by: geolocke | 2016/08/21

No Call, No Foul, No Error, No Regrets

It’s been said many times and in many ways,  our power to communicate is one of our greatest gifts from God.

How to use this gift is something that some of us spend our lifetime learning to do.

The power of the word, written, spoken, or unspoken, can build up relationships and it can destroy relationships. It can be used to give knowledge to the uneducated and it can be twisted to sow confusion, doubt, and distrust in those who are well-educated.

Sometimes the words come forth, almost unbidden in moments of pure joy and happiness. Pain, suffering, intoxication or addiction can also bring forth unbidden words.   In either instance, words can come out that cause injury or discomfort to one party or the other, or both, like the sting of a bee.

The key, as best as I can determine at this point in my life, although I claim no expertise in this matter, is not so much the words themselves, but where within us those words spring forth: from the heart, or from the head; our love, or our emotions.

In these times of discomfort, though the sting of the moment is real, I find that if I do not dwell upon the words themselves, but look at the situations under which they were brought forth, I can ease the pain of the sting enough to determine if the injury was intended of unintentional. Most times, I have found the offending words were unintentional.

In these times I try to remember this line from Psalm 141 (line 3):

“Set a guard, LORD, before my mouth, keep watch over the door of my lips.”

So I forgive, forget, and hold no regrets. This is just one more lesson I have learned in what it means to being human.



  1. This is magnificent Geoge! Thank you! XxMargherita

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