Posted by: geolocke | 2016/04/13

Quiet Splendor

A breeze whispers in the trees, beneath the moonless sky above.
The world around me still sleeps, the workday has not yet begun.

Signs of the changing season surround me where ever I look.
Plant and earth and sky and stream; all point to the coming of summer.

The great bear and the swan swing their slow arcs among the stars above.
Then a flash of light streaks across the sky!

Quick, make a wish!
Quick, make a wish!

There is no need.
My wish, my hope, my prayer lives with me always.

To Know, and Love, and Serve you in Truth, not just in name, dear Lord.
To treat my sisters and brothers, neighbors and strangers, with the same
Mercy, Kindness, and Love that you have treated me, dear Lord.
To walk always in humility and awe-filled wonder as I gaze upon
the quiet splendor of all your magnificent creation,
and to live in your presence forever, dear Lord.



  1. A beautiful beginning to a beautiful day! Thanks, George

    Sent from my iPhone



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