Posted by: geolocke | 2016/04/07

Prayer For A Young Person Approaching Adulthood

May you live a simple life, not overly burdened by many things that distract you from God.

May you find as much pleasure in the little flowers of the grass as you do the roses of the bush.

May you have quiet times where you can listen for the sound of God’s voice in the whispering of the pines.

May you treat the powerful and the powerless with equal love and respect.

May you always share your food and possessions with friends and strangers alike.

May you always do your best work, regardless of the task that is set before you.

May you always choose Love when fear, misunderstanding, and hatred surround you.

May you have laughter to offset your tears, Joy to offset your sorrows, and patience to offset your frustrations.

May you always lift up a prayer of thanks for all God has done for you, asking God to always lead you in this life, and from this life into the next.



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