Posted by: geolocke | 2016/03/27

Easter 2016

To my ultra-right-winged-christian-conservative friends, I’m sorry, but my views are too liberal for you. To my ultra-leftist-liberal-anything-goes friends, I’m sorry, but my views are too conservative for you also.

I believe in Jesus Christ, and I attempt to follow his example as best as I can. That means that I try to feed the hungry. I try to help shelter the homeless. I try to comfort the afflicted. I try to educate the unlearned, to befriend the addict, and give hope to those who have no hope left. I try to welcome the immigrant with open arms, regardless of their status. I try to befriend those who do not believe in Jesus Christ, much less God. I try to turn the other cheek when I am assaulted verbally, mentally, and physically by those who hate and distrust me.

I try to love those who do not love me. I try to accept and not judge those whose beliefs are different from mine while not compromising my own beliefs. I try to speak the truth of God’s immeasurable Love for all of us to those who refuse to listen. I try to pray for those who do not have anyone to pray for them. I try to forgive those who commit acts of violence so horrible that my mind and spirit are left spinning and in pain. I try to share the burden of the cross and to not complain about its weight, or the pain of the nails that pierce my hands and feet, or the spear that opens my side. I try not to be afraid of the darkness of the tomb. And I pray that I will awaken to the light of the new morning sun once again.

I am not republican, I am not democrat, I am not nationalistic, nor anarchist, nor conservative, nor liberal, nor disbeliever, nor agnostic.

I am Christian, or at least, I try to be Christian.

Happy Easter to all of humanity.


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