Posted by: geolocke | 2016/01/25

Moments in Eternity

I’ve been fascinated by photography as long as I can remember. I got my start pouring over old black-and-white photos of my childhood birthday parties, and family albums showing long dead relatives wearing strange clothing. In grade school and Jr. High I began using “instamatic” cameras and I even dabbled with Polaroid cameras a little.


By the time I got to high school, I had my own Nikomat 35mm SLR  and I was experimenting with Tri-X Pan B/W films of various speeds and learning Darkroom processing and techniques. I also began my long relationship with Kodachrome color slides and Ektachrome color prints.


But these days, I have finally graduated (succumbed) to Digital imaging. I have been captured by the allure of instant imaging and the luxury of being able to take as many shots as I want in rapid succession, having only to worry about the size of the memory card, and the charge on the batteries.

I find the digital experience suits me well, especially when I come across a moment of beauty that “must be captured” before it is lost to sight & memory. There have been times when I’ve hunted for the right setting, waited for the light to be right, framed everything up and then took the shot. Sometimes I’ve been lucky this way. But I find that more often than not, my best photos come from taking the time to notice what is being presented before me everyday, and having the wits about me to capture that moment with the camera.


God presents these photographic moments to us everyday, these tiny moments in the vastness of time. They are just waiting there for us to look up from our busy lives and take notice. Once we train ourselves to look for them, to take notice of them, we soon come to realize that there are far more of these moments then we could ever hope to capture and save on film or on our hard drives. These many moments can only be captured with our eyes, stored in our memories, and shared in stories written or spoken.

This morning I got up before the sun and walked in the back yard with my dog. The full moon was setting low in the western sky. Its brilliant beams shone down through the pines and the bare branches of winter, casting shadows on the snow-covered earth about me. My every footstep crunched and cracked as the frozen earth gave way beneath me. High above, the stars glinted and twinkled brilliantly against the black night sky, only briefly obscured by the mist of my breath as it rose toward the heavens.

If I could have stopped time for that one moment, if I could have set up cameras uncounted to capture every detail of that one moment, it would still not have been enough to capture my realization in that very instant of how perfect is all of God’s creation, in that moment, and all God’s moments in eternity.



  1. very nice, George. That captures it very nicely, what we feel.


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