Posted by: geolocke | 2016/01/04

A New Year, Another Chance

I’m not very interested in making New Year resolutions, but there are a few things I hope to do better this year. I list them in no particular order of importance.

Complain Less: For a while I was actively involved in many ministries, too many ministries to be honest. I realized that I was “over ministering” when I started to complain to myself about the ministries I served in. And so, fearing that I was not faithfully performing any of my ministries, I divested myself of most of them and began focusing my efforts on those that remained. But still I found that I was complaining to myself at times. It is time for me to stop complaining and perform the ministries that God has chosen for me under the conditions God has set for me. After all, these are not *my* ministries, but the Lord’s. I must remember to comply with a humble and willing heart.

Write More Consistently: The pace of my writing picked up this past year, but I have too many loose threads of story lines hanging out there un-completed. There is the “Soul’s Journey” series that has sat untouched for half a year, and my journal entries of this past year’s travels in Guatemala lie unfinished. I also have several other postings which are lying about in various states of incompletion, or worse, barely begun. I need to become more serious about dedicating time to writing and spend less time watching the ‘toob’ or surfing the web.

Re-Kindle My Prayer Life: This past year was rough on several accounts and at times I found that all I could do was quietly whisper my prayers to God, asking and hoping that God would let me find my way “out of the desert” of my trials.  God is good and God is patient and forgiving to those who call upon the Lord’s Holy Name, and so God has been kind to me and I can see a glimmer of hope, an oasis if you will allow, on the horizon. I know that further troubles lie ahead, but I would be better armed to face those troubles if I can re-kindle my prayer life with regular recitation of the Rosary and other daily prayers of praise and thanksgiving.

I think that is a gracious plenty to start with as I begin this new year.

Peace and blessings to you all for this new year!




  1. Well said! George, I will take a page from your book! Pray for me and I will pray for you. Marjorie Sent from my iPhone



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