Posted by: geolocke | 2015/11/29

Advent 2015 – 1st Sunday

It is dark outside this morning when I light the first candle of this year’s Advent wreath. It is dark in more places this year than I’ve felt for many years past. Terrible things are happening in your name, oh Lord, and the darkness ebbs out from those actions and seems to generate more darkness, threatening to cover the earth. You who are Light are being honored with dark actions, and that thought makes me tremble to my core.

And so I light this first candle of Advent, and pray that it might help chase away the darkness, if only for a little bit. I pray that my actions this day, at least one action this day might be seen as a small light in this dark world and help light the way for others. I pray that others, at least one other person will also light their candle this day and perform a small act of kindness and be another light in the darkness this day.

And I pray that this light of mine, this one tiny flickering flame on this dark morning might spread to others and joining together, our lights might grow and chase away the darkness from the hearts of those who do not now see your light, oh Lord, you who are the One True Light of this world.




  1. Thank you George! Love and prayers for you and Littie!

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