Posted by: geolocke | 2015/10/30

Moonlight Musings

I decided not to go to my regular early morning workout today. It’s really the dogs’ doing. We had just returned home from our walk and they both looked at me as if to say “It is such a pleasant morning. Wouldn’t you rather hang out in the back yard and enjoy it for a while?” I couldn’t argue with their logic and so I stayed home.

Settling into my back porch rocker with a hot cup of coffee, I sat in the light of the brilliant fall moon and listened to the sounds of last night’s rainwater and acorns falling off the trees while the dogs moved about, sniffing and investigating the still damp earth of the backyard. A few crickets murmured softly in the undergrowth while in the distance the sounds of early morning traffic were just beginning to start, sounding a little like surf on a far distant shore. An owl punctuated the moment with its call echoing throughout the woods. The cool dampness of the air chilled my face and arms, but the hot cup of coffee clutched in my hand offset any chill the early morning air brought to me.

It had been cloudy and rainy for the past week and the appearance of the stars, planets and bright moon this morning were most welcome. As I sat there bathed in moonlight, I thought about how different this morning was compared to other mornings earlier this week. Though the moon, planets and stars had still been present, the fact they were hidden by clouds made for a different mood. I thought about how in a couple of hours the rising of the Sun would be even more of a difference compared to this bright moonlight, and I thought about how different our perception of God will be once we finally cross over the threshold from life to the afterlife.

For those who suffer in pain and sickness, in loneliness, depression, and waiting for death, their time can seem like a never-ending night waiting for the sun to rise once more. For those who tend to their loved ones who suffer so, this time can seem like waiting for the clouds to pass and once more let the light fall upon them. One thing that makes it bearable is knowing that up above those clouds, the light still shines, and in the morning the sun will rise again.

And so, I believe that when our loved one’s long night of suffering and pain is finally over, they will pass from the gloom of this life into the everlasting presence of the creator of all, and bask in the warmth and brilliance of God’s everlasting Love. I imagine that it will be like seeing the moon, planets and stars after a week of rain followed by the brilliant morning sunrise of a cloudless day, and even then it will be so much more than I can hope to imagine in this life.

It will be Peace.



  1. You are a sage man, George. This was a healing text for me. Thank you. That warm cup in your hand seems so important, like a foretaste of the blessing of a new day, a foretaste of the blessing of faith. Thanks again.


  2. I believe all you say! Beautiful Peace for those you have suffered. And we share in their Peace.

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