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Guatemalan Journal Entry: Day #1

I realized earlier today that I have not posted since returning from Guatemala. I’ve been back a little more than a week and I’ve been working on refining my journal entries, which means cleaning up spelling errors, trying to decipher hastily scratched notes that were typically made in dim lighting, late at night after a full day’s activity.

For me, this was a very Blessed trip, not just because I was able to spend time with some of the most gentle souls I’ve ever met. I also met some young women who have thrived because of the precious gift of an education. I have heard the testimony of two Nuns who experienced first hand some of the horrors of the 1980’s in Central America, and I visited the graves of some of the Martyrs who gave their lives for the flocks that they served.

All put together, the stories were all just too much for me to write down in one sitting, so I am taking my time going through my notes to make sure I do justice with the stories that were shared with us. I am currently working on Day #3 and hope to have it completed soon. In the mean time, here is Day 1.  not much to tell, except the joys of traveling.

Paz a todos en la tierra

Day One – Tuesday, August 18, 2015

… Somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico.

So, this year’s trip has begun. Days of preparation are over and we are in the air. My preparation actually began 4 weeks ago at work. My work area is scheduled to undergo remodeling while we are in Guatemala so I had to relocate and clean out my old work space early.

Sr. R. and K. are my co-travelers on this trip. We are all a little tired at the moment because of the early start to our day. My thoughts begin to drift as the flight continues on.

This past Sunday, as I was waiting for Mass to start, I had a wonderful prayer come to mind. I wish I could remember now exactly how it went, but it was a flow of consciousness, so I doubt I’ll ever be able to exactly re-pray it as I did that morning. I do remember that it was based on the psalms and it went something like this:

“Lord, my soul longs for you like a dry dusty land longs for running water. Replenish the well-spring of my prayer with your ever-flowing Spirit. Make my heart flow once more, pure and clean with the rushing currents of your Love. May your Love wash away the clutter in my thoughts and prayers caused by the debris deposited by this disbelieving world that surrounds me. And one day, when I have run my course, may I come to find myself settling into the deep calm waters of your ever-lasting presence. –Amen”

We’ve just crossed the coastline of Mexico. One hour to landing in Guatemala City.

Upon landing, we process through Immigration and Customs and are greeted by Sr. J. and Sr. D.. Sr. J. is actually at the airport to see off her niece and her husband who are preparing to fly back to Spain. We spend some time with them in a little café, talking and sharing stories with one another before they leave to catch their flight and we depart for Chichi.

Driving to Chichi, traffic is slowed to a crawl due to a bad wreck. Once we clear the wreck we stop for a late lunch before proceeding the rest of the way to Chichi. We arrive at the Internado just about sunset (7:30pm). I stay up until about 9pm chatting with the Sisters before heading off to bed in my room on the ground floor.

As I pray Evening Prayer, the sounds of rumbling trucks and blaring horns comes through my window. Instead of disturbing me, it is like a sound of welcoming, celebrating my return to this land. I turn off the light and close my eyes and fall off to sleep like a small pebble falling into deep still water.



  1. Soooooobeautiful! So real!i remember !!

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