Posted by: geolocke | 2015/07/12

Start Talking

Like the voice of one, crying out in the wilderness.

Letters From The Front

For a long time I have refrained from talking (in any serious way) on the Internet. This reluctance delayed me for years from writing anything on the Internet which wasn’t a Facebook quip or a clever but empty comment to someone else’s post. The cacophony of today’s media begs the question Who is listening?

But I am compelled to write. If you’re reading this, I urge you to write also.

We head towards a hive-mind social consciousness, an evolutionary step which will seem inevitable looking backwards but which frightens us today, especially those as old as I. Social media quaintly describes a new mode of existence and thinking where individuality will be defined within the context of social mind, groupthink, what we now call political correctness, mob psychology, peer pressure, and synergy. Just as humans of several millennia ago would be horrified at today’s societal constraints, we too find linked…

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