Posted by: geolocke | 2015/05/13

One Fine Day In May

I arise before the dawn to the smell of coffee brewing. Gathering the dogs we go out for our morning stroll. In the sky above, a few clouds pass before the stars that are dimming in the growing morning light. The waning quarter moon takes on a faint blush as the light of the coming day grows stronger by the minute. Although it is still early May, the smell of honeysuckle fills the air and the blackberry canes are in full bloom while in the trees above me the robin and the chickadee sing their morning song, reminding me of the promise of summer which lies waiting just around the corner.

I leave the house and join the countless numbers of commuters on the highways. Cars, trucks, semis and buses each carrying their passengers and cargo to various destinations. Some drivers race about, jockeying for position, racing to beat that next light, all to win the prize of getting to work or school on time. In the air above planes and helicopters fly about each carrying their own passengers and cargo to their appointed destinations. Trains too pass by carrying freight and passengers to destinations up and down the line. And all the while, growing along the side of the road, the honeysuckle and the blackberry blooms remind me of the slower pace of summer which lies ahead.

I walk up to City Hall amid the noise of construction equipment; saws, hammers and drills joined together in a concert of progress. Sirens blare and wail nearby as I enter City Hall and become another faceless, nameless public servant like hundreds of others around me. Each of us performs our own little bit of work which, when put together, allows our City of function; allows us to serve our fellow citizens as they go about their own lives. We work in gray walled offices or cubicles with gray carpeting and gray furniture while we serve our citizens and those who are elected to be the face and voice of our City. It is my chosen profession and today I do it gladly, regardless of my surroundings, because the thought of sweet honeysuckle and blackberries ripening on the cane help chase away the grayness that surrounds me.

I return home through the heat and maddening rush of afternoon traffic, greeted by my wife and dogs at the door. I grab a glass of water and sit out back for a moment and listen to the tree frogs warming up for their evening serenade. I reflect upon the events of the day and all the blessings I have received. And as I sit there the scent of sweet honeysuckle floating on the warm evening air reminds me once more of the promise of the coming summer that will be filled with fresh picked blackberries and I realize just how good a day this has been, this one fine day in May.



  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (wish I had originated that but someone beat me to it).


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