Posted by: geolocke | 2015/04/28

Of Lesser Gifts

In my teens, when I was taught how to sail, my dad showed me how to look at the water and to see where the wind was blowing, and where it was still, thus allowing me to plot my course across the sound. These days although I no longer sail, I can still read the water thanks to my first teacher, my dad.

If I were to catalog all of the lesser gifts that in God’s infinite mercy has been granted to humankind, the gifts of writing and reading would be near the top of my list. The written word is incredibly complex in its execution, yet still able to evoke thoughts of beauty and deep upwelling of emotion with the fewest of simple words. The written word has the ability to convey thoughts from one mind to another across great spans of time. In that sense, the written word is truly a time machine, being able to transport the reader to another time and place.

The written word is incredibly robust, evolving over the course of human history and being able to stand whatever abuse writers and readers might employ against the strict structures of composition. Those who choose to write, who have been blessed with the gift of composing and writing down their thoughts, are entrusted with an ancient and sacred duty to pass on knowledge, entertainment and beauty. Writers (and those who aspire to become writers) should be held in high regard, irrespective of their choice of subject matter.

But there is an even higher calling; to teach reading and writing. Teachers are at the forefront of passing along this gift to humanity. Without the care and guidance of able instructors, who would aspire to become a writer, or learn the pleasures of poetry, art, science, mathematics, and so forth?

I have read many books in the years that have been granted to me. I have even dabbled in writing for myself, although I leave that more to the professionals. I can fondly remember many wonderful stories, and my daily reading of the Holy Scriptures fills me with inspiration, joy and wonder, but all of these pleasures of reading and writing I owe to the teachers which God gave to me as instructors and who awakened in me the wonders of the written word.

Thank you God for these greatest of you lesser gifts, the language teachers of our world.



  1. With great gratitude from a teacher !!

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