Posted by: geolocke | 2015/04/19

A Soul’s Journey – Part 4

Continued from Part 3

The soul stepped into the forest and the light about
her dimmed as she doubted herself and grew worried.
She struggled to see the path before her, knowing that
to lose sight of the path would mean her death.

The path before her became almost like a tunnel
with the dark trees and shadows all about her.
The path turned and the soul came to a stop,
her way blocked by a beast that stood in her way.

The soul recognized the beast as an un-holy spirit
made up of all the vices, lust, jealousy, and hate
that had formerly occupied her own spirit. All things
the soul had left behind her when she began her journey.

The beast was huge, bloated, obscenely obese, covered
with putrid sores, festering wounds and smelling so foul
that the soul could not breathe. The beast approached
the soul, towering over her and calling her by name.

“Save me!” the soul cried out as the beast lunged toward her
and the beast suddenly fell backward, stopped by a silver
chain that appeared around its neck. The chain was held
by the maiden who now stood on the side of the path.

The maiden held the chain with just the lightest grip
yet no mater how hard the beast struggled to free itself
the maiden did not loosen her grip, nor budge in the least
as if she were anchored to the very foundations of the earth.

The beast thrashed about in a maddened frenzy trying to
break free from the chain, but the chain held fast and
the maiden struggled not in the least and soon the beast
fell to the ground whimpering and crying out to the soul.

The beast crawled forward and pleaded with the soul to
release it from its torment; “Only you can remove this
chain that holds me here. I beg you to do so for the
sake of all the fun times we had with each other!”

The soul looked upon the beast with fear and disgust
as it cowered before her on the path and cried to her.
The maiden neither spoke nor moved but stood there
holding the chain as the beast groveled and begged.

“Leave Me!” the soul commanded the beast; “Get away!”
and the beast shrieked and curled up on the ground
sobbing and crying and growing smaller until all that
seemed left of it was a pitiable remnant of itself.

Then as the soul watched, the beast shrunk even more
until it and the chain vanished before her eyes.
The soul and the maiden were left standing in the woods
as the darkness passed and the light returned once more.

“My dearest child” spoke the maiden, “why did you worry,
why did you doubt? Did you not know or understand that
I am here to help you? Your heart asked for my help when
you first sought for my son. I helped you then and
I have not stopped helping you since.”

Continued in Part 5


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