Posted by: geolocke | 2015/04/06

A Soul’s Journey – Part 3

Continued from Part 2

The soul made her way down the path,
the memory of her encounter with the maiden,
still fresh in her memory,
driving her forward.

Days and weeks turned to months,
and soon a year had passed by her,
and still the soul kept to her journey.

The soul found nourishment in the
grains and fruits that grew by the path,
and fresh water springs quenched her thirst
and refreshed her spirit.

Along the path she found other travelers,
some resting along the path, having grown
tired from their travels, and some
running past her, filled with the
excitement of being on a journey.

But others had set up camp, having decided
they had traveled far enough, and this land
looked a pleasant enough place to settle.

Everyone she met shared with the soul
their own wisdom of the journey and offered
their own advice on how she should proceed.

And so it went as she traveled onward.
the days and nights came and went,
and one year turned to two.

The Soul still sought for the maiden’s son,
but her initial excitement had been tempered
by the length of her journey, and questions
began to intrude on her thoughts.

Now the road ahead began to look dark again
as it passed into a forest of worries
while clouds of doubt gathered overhead.

The soul paused a moment, unsure of her strength,
but determined to press on after having come so far.

She stepped into the forest
knowing that her home must lay ahead
because it surely was not behind her.

Continued in Part 4


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