Posted by: geolocke | 2015/03/31

A Soul’s Journey – Part 2

Continued from Part 1

A maiden appeared before the stricken soul,
dressed in a pale blue raiment of purest light.
Blooming roses grew all about her, their petals
forming a carpet about and beneath her feet.

Power, immense power radiated from the maiden,
as if she were the very essence of all life itself.
The maiden’s life essence swept over the soul
like waves breaking over her at the shore.

Not a word was spoken between them
and yet the soul was drawn to the maiden.
The soul looked into the maiden’s eyes,
and she fell into those dark eyes,
as if falling into pools of eternity.

And as she fell the soul was filled with light.

The maiden’s light filled the soul in its entirety
exposing every aspect of the soul’s life up to this instant.
Every dark thing that she had ever hidden away;
every uncharitable act she had committed;
every harmful word she had spoken;
every kind word she had withheld
was revealed before the soul,
exposed by the light,
and the soul wept.

She wept for the innocent child she had been but was no more.
She wept for all the evil she had done and the good she had not done.
She wept for all the pain and suffering she had caused.
She wept because it was the only response left in her.

And just as suddenly as she had fallen, the soul,
weeping and gasping for breath, was standing again.
The maiden took the soul’s hand and
calmed her gasping and weeping.

It was dark again around the soul,
but the memory of the maiden’s light,
still dwelling brightly within her,
helped her to see through the gloom.

The maiden then directed the soul to seek
for her son who would heal her, and guard her
and guide her, and lead the soul back home.
The maiden turned her and showed the soul
which path she should take.

And then the maiden left the soul
and she was alone once more, but
no longer lost.

Painfully aware of her burdens, yet still excited,
the soul set off in search of the maiden’s son.

continued in Part 3



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