Posted by: geolocke | 2015/03/05

9 pm, March 4, 2015

I just got home after a long day, first a full day at work and then several more hours this evening at Church. It is 68°-F out on my back deck. I’m in shorts, T-shirt and flip-flops enjoying a cold beer (only one!) and watching the interplay of high clouds passing in front of the near-full moon.

Rainbow colors appear and vanish as the clouds scurry across the bright face of the moon. The back yard is lit up well enough that I can see the dogs down in the woods searching for the source of interesting smells coming up from the freshly warmed earth. A gentle breeze brings with it the smell of someone cooking on their outdoor grill.

Last week we had the latest in a series of sleet/snow/freezing rain storms and the remnants of this last storm are still piled up in the corner of my deck. But the temperature got up to 74°-F today and it has been pleasant, a reminder of better days to come. But of course by this time tomorrow it is forecast to be in the low 20’s with a chance of more freezing rain. So I’m enjoying this short reprieve from the cold this evening because I know that tomorrow I’ll be bundled back up in my winter wear.

This is a typical winter pattern for North Carolina and that is fine with me because regardless of how much we try to control the world around us, shaping it to fit our needs and suit our desires, days like today remind us of how little control we really have. Sometimes it is best to just let go of our imagined control and enjoy the ride, come what may. God is good in all the diversity of God’s creation. And God, in God’s Mercy, provides good times to offset the bad times.

Life is Good!


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