Posted by: geolocke | 2015/03/01

Breaking My Fast

Thank you O Lord for letting me
break my fast with you.

These simple gifts of bread and wine,
turned by your Holy Spirit into your very
Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity,
they alone can satisfy the deepest hunger
of my inmost being.

I come before your minister
entirely unworthy by my own account.
But you O Lord can make me worthy
if only you wish it,
and you do wish it!

Your Body and Blood are shared with mine.
Your Soul and Divinity, for a short while,
remind me of who I should be,
who I could be, who I am destined to be.

O Lord
Stay with me for just a moment longer.
Nourish my body with your Body.
Freshen my blood with your Blood.
Cleanse my soul with your Soul.
Restore my humanity with your Divinity.

Keep me safe O Lord
in the wonders of your Love.
Protect me and guide me O Lord
until I make my way back
to break my fast with you
once more.



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