Posted by: geolocke | 2015/02/19

Prayer for a Seminarian

The following is from a letter I wrote to a friend in the Seminary. Although it was written in 2007 in the period just before the start of Advent, I feel it is just as appropriate for Lent, which begins today. I also feel that my closing prayer for my friend Nick is just as relevant for our Seminarians today as it was back then.

Therefore I re-dedicate this prayer for all seminarians and for those who are currently in Ministry or Consecrated life, for all who are discerning their call to Ministry or Consecrated life, and for those who are just trying to live their daily lives in a spiritual manner.
Sunday, November 11, 2007
7:30 pm

Dear Nick,

How are you? I hope that this letter finds you doing well. I was sitting in my prayer room, reflecting on the day, and I thought that I should drop you a line. I know that an E-mail would be faster, but there is something special about receiving a letter in the mail, don’t you think?

It is hard to believe that it is almost Advent again. This year has really flown! This has been quite a year for me; so much soul-searching and reflection. I see so many things in a different light since my surgery 1½ years ago. I have been really struggling here with my own calling to the Permanent Diaconate. I have been “walking in the desert” for quite some time now. I see so much hypocrisy around me that at times I’m almost sick.

Where is the charity? Where is the care for human suffering? I sit in the pew before Mass and what do I hear? Talk of politics, taxes, sports and work, but no mention of our Lord… no, that is for the priest to talk about. I am not trying to say that *everyone* does so, but I hear enough to keep me upset some mornings.

Be still and know that I AM God.

How I would love to come in one Sunday morning and find everyone in a reverent silence before the tabernacle, but who and I to complain? At least they come. Our Lord came and died and rose again for all of us, not just those who sit in reverence before His Holy Presence.

I find such peace in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. I wish I could convey that feeling of peace to those who are troubled. To let them know how simple it is to trust our Lord (not easy mind you, but simple), to convey the simple concept of love of God and neighbor, and of placing the needs of other before the needs of self.

Listen to me go on… I am no better than the Pharisee in the temple giving thanks to God for not being like the tax collector…

Have mercy on me Lord, a sinner.

OK, so this letter isn’t bright and cheery. I have half a mind not to send it to you, but rather, just rip it up and send you a quick little post. But you deserve honesty. You are most likely going through your own workout right now, battling your own demons. I pray for you every morning in my prayer room. I pray that the Lord keeps you safe from the snares of the enemy and opens your heart, mind and spirit for the gift of His Spirit.

May the Lord open your mind so that you might clearly hear His Holy Word, and from it, gain such wisdom and knowledge and strength as He sees fit to give to you.

May the Lord open your lips so that you might truthfully proclaim His Holy Word, and so bring the sweet sound of his truth to the ears of those who have been deafened by the din and clamor of this unbelieving world; that hearing the gentle whisper of His truth, they might ignore all other distracting noises and seek Him alone.

May the Lord open your Heart so that you might faithfully live out His Holy Word, and so by your life and your actions you might be fashioned into a well-lit lamp held by the Lord, shining the light of His truth into the darkness of this fallen world, so that those blinded by sin might see and follow the path which leads to our Lord’s forgiveness and mercy.

Yes Nick, you (and all your fellow seminarians) are cared for back here at home. Take care of yourself and write back when you get a chance.

Your friend, -geo


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