Posted by: geolocke | 2015/02/16

Re-Blogging “Our Most Underdeveloped Gift”

I saw the following post this morning and just had to share. It reminded me of the time at the coast with my father and his brother and sister. The only time I saw all three of them together at the same time. I was walking out on the dock when a seagull placed a well aimed deposit right on my forehead.

I was shocked and stood there wondering what to do when my aunt quite calmly told me that I had just been blessed, and so I was, not because of the gull’s deposit itself, but because the event was firmly planted in my mind, and so the memory of that day seeing my father and his siblings together was also planted in my mind.

That was the closest we ever came to a family reunion for that side of the family. I hope I can do more for our current family. I wish you all a very blessed day, but without the bird deposits.

Our Most Underdeveloped Gift.


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