Posted by: geolocke | 2014/12/26

Final Thoughts On This Christmas Day

The last of the dishes have been washed and put up and everyone but me is now soundly asleep. Our dogs have chosen which guest to sleep next to and all is now quiet and peaceful.

It has been a very busy 24+ hours but I wouldn’t trade this day for anything. Being a Church musician is a lot of work during Christmas. We went to Church at 10:30 last night to set up the hand-bell tables and prepare for the pre-Midnight Mass ringing and singing musical program, after which we sang in Choir for Midnight Mass. After Midnight Mass we broke down the hand-bell tables and got home about 1:30 this morning. We turned out the lights about 2am and then the alarm went off at 7am. We got back to Church at 9am for my wife’s hour of Adoration and then I sang as Cantor for the 10am Mass. We got back home about 11:30 this morning and began immediately preparing for afternoon dinner which was served at 3pm.

We had four generations in our house along with friends of the family. One airman who had nowhere to go for Christmas was also our guest by way of our nephew who is stationed with him. They had come to our house for Christmas Dinner and for my part, he’s now part of the family. My wife now has a standing order to ship her homemade treats to their Air Base. No one went away hungry and the left-overs were kept to a minimum. The evening was filled with talking and story telling and sharing with one another until it was time to call it a day. So now it is quiet and time for a final bit of reflection before I turn out the last light.

This is such a special day of the year; a special day in our lives. And although it is not part of the typical Christmas traditions, I found myself contemplating the Prayer of St. Francis and how it re-conveys (in a manner of speaking) the purpose of Christ’s coming among us; not just to save us, but to teach us how to treat one another, in imitation of him and therefore, in imitation of his Love of God the Father.

Lord, make me an instrument of Your Peace

Where there is hatred… let me sow love
Where there is injury… pardon
Where there is discord… unity
Where there is doubt… faith
Where there is error… truth
Where there is despair… hope
Where there is sadness… joy
Where there is darkness… light

Oh Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled… as to console
To be understood… as to understand
To be loved… as to love

It is in giving… that we receive
It is in pardoning… that we are pardoned
It is in dying… that we are born to eternal live.

Merry Christmas to all of us!


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