Posted by: geolocke | 2014/12/22

Where The Home Fires Burn

“Remember that your home may be your castle, but it is your wife’s canvas.” These words popped into my head while raking the leave yet one more time in preparation for Christmas.  For me raking the leaves is one of those endeavors that only serves to remind us of the futility of fighting against God’s creation; just when we get the yard looking “perfect” a lone leaf will inevitably fall upon the pristine looking lawn. It seems pointless to struggle against nature, but my wife has worked hard in her labor of love to prepare our small patch of yard for the festive season, so I rake in order that her accomplishments may be magnified.

So that is how it is. When I return home after working all day and dealing with a grueling commute, I just want to collapse into my chair, close my eyes and rest, after giving thanks to God for bringing me home safely once more. My wife however wishes to tell me about all about her day. I know she has been just as busy as I have, but while I work all day in service to others, she works all day in the service of love for our family. So, even though I would be perfectly happy if my chair never moved from its spot, I do appreciate it when my wife thinks that it is time that it needs to change positions.

Though we are both unique in our mannerisms and our approach to dealing with the issues of the day, we work best together in unison. When we talk about ourselves we talk about us in the singular, for we are one singular entity even though we are two individuals. Perhaps that is what is meant in the Book of Genesis when it says: “God made man in His image, male and female He made them in His image.” and in another place: A man and woman will leave their parents and bind themselves together and the two will become one.” (both writings roughly paraphrased)

And so too I think it was with the Holy Couple on their way to Bethlehem. Although Mary carried the heavier load; the more precious cargo, Joseph carried no less weight in worry and care for his wife and their soon to be born child. And even though the accommodations in Bethlehem were less pristine than my freshly raked yard, working together the Holy family made it all the more glorious than the grandest castle because of the Love that came to fill it.


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