Posted by: geolocke | 2014/12/11

Night Journey

It’s an early December night and the trees are mostly bare now. Standing on my back deck I can see the stars clear and sharp in the cold night air. Many of the neighbors have decorated their homes with Christmas lights. The riot of colors shines through the empty branches and tree trunks that fill my back yard. I can also see planes lifting off from the airport seven miles distant. I can see their lights as they reach skyward, followed by the delayed sound of their mighty engines as the roar at full throttle, straining to break free of the gravity that holds them earthbound as they takeoff into the night sky. I follow their lights as they turn a long slow lazy arc westward and head off somewhere; perhaps to some warmer destination. I follow those lights until they disappear into the night and I think about the times I have traveled on those aircraft. I Think about the times they have taken me to see my family, my friends, and to visit foreign lands. It still amazes me that I can board an aircraft and in less than a day’s time find myself halfway around the world.

Then I think of the pilgrims of old, the westward settlers of our own history and the immigrants of this past century. For many of them, their journeys were hard and labored. It might have taken them months if not years to reach their destination. There was time spent on the journey second guessing if they had made the right choice. Some wondered if they would ever see their home again while others moved forward knowing that whatever home they might have lay ahead, not behind them. These days I move too fast too often and spend too little time thinking. In my daily commute driving to and from work on the highways, I race along at 70 mph  surrounded by hundreds of others all racing along next to me, but each of us alone in our “shiny metal boxes.”

I must look for ways to slow myself down, to take a slower road regardless of if I’m going somewhere in particular or nowhere at all. I must make time to spend with my thoughts and to follow a path that is a less traveled. To breathe the air and listen to the sounds of nature and perhaps, to even catch a whisper of the Spirit that seeks to guide me to a destination where I will find comfort and rest for my weary soul. The spirit that speaks from behind me directing my steps when I would turn to the left or the right, whispering “this it the way, go here.” I fear in my case the Spirit has been working overtime. My heart has been like a desert lately. I’ve let its pathways become too cluttered with worries and concerns of the world. The clutter trips me up and misdirects me as I seek my way back toward the true path. The words of Isaiah from last Sunday’s readings echo loudly in my ears: “In the desert prepare the way of The Lord. Make straight his paths!” I would do well to heed that voice and busy myself with clearing the path that lays before me.



  1. The “desire” to slow down, remove clutter and see clearly is, in itself, a valuable insight.
    Sister Renee


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