Posted by: geolocke | 2014/11/23

The Kindness of Your Touch

A Journal Entry

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 – 10:10 pm

Lord God, how wonderful you are. How mighty your wonders that surround us. To great for me the knowledge of all your creation. To great for me the kindness of your touch. Were I to look upon you in all your radiant splendor, I would turn to dust and less; to vanish in a vapor.

And yet the world seems not to take notice of you. Your name is used, but in vain. To some you are merely a curiosity of the mind. To others, you are but a myth. And you Lord, you wait in quiet splendor, waiting for us to quieten our tongues and open our ears; open our hearts and hear your soft gentle call of love.

The very fact that you do not reveal yourself to us in all your splendor is a gift of mercy, for who shall stand the time of your coming? Will great men, proud and powerful, be able to stand when you come? Will the meek and lowly? Will I?


For your coming will shake all the world to its foundations. Every knee shall bend and all will proclaim you Lord! The wicked, knowing their sins, shall fall and beg forgiveness. The proud shall be humbled. The humble shall be exalted. The poor shall be comforted. And I Lord?

I am not worthy to even beg your forgiveness by any account of my life’s actions, but you Lord in your mercy have granted me forgiveness. You healed me and granted me new life. You have given me great joy and happiness in loving you and my family and my friends.

You granted to me the briefest glimpse of your splendor – no, rather the palest reflection of your splendor, and I was brought to my knees. Tears, long locked up inside my eyes, welled up and flowed freely down my cheeks. How little I am Lord and how Great You are, and yet You stooped down to comfort me, to forgive me, and to heal me.

Blessed are You O Lord! Blessed and to be praised for ever and for ever!  Amen!



  1. Great post!


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