Posted by: geolocke | 2014/11/20

Méa Cúlpa, Méa Cúlpa, Méa Máxima Cúlpa

A reader recently posted a comment about something I had written in my post called This Middle Life. His comment follows:

This article is well written but I found your messaging confusing as it pertains to the Christian faith…

“For those of us who live a life of Christian faith, we are called onward by the higher purpose of helping our sisters and bothers here with us in this middle life.” — Christians highest purpose is “To Know, Love and Server God” , it is only by love of God that we come to understand why and how to love and respect our neighbor.

The first and greatest commandment is to Love God above all else, the SECOND is like it, to love your neighbor. MT 22:37-39

“Then our middle life is all about our struggle of learning to live and grow in fellowship with and depending upon each other. For the Christian, our eternal life would then be the fruit of the previous two struggles”

Christian life is all about forming a loving relationship with Christ… “He is the Way, the Truth and the Life (Eternal Life)” John 14:6

He is correct of course, and his comment is well deserved.  Although I did not specifically state it at the time, that particular post was an attempt to focus on the second commandment as stated in Matthew 22.  I fell victim to my own desire to not let the post run away from me by filling in too much detail (see Simple Complexity) and neglected add something that (to me) seemed to be so obvious that it didn’t need to be re-stated.

In retrospect, that was a silly idea. Who am I to presume what folks know and don’t know? Especially concerning matters that are the basis of our faith.  So I appreciate being called to task on this and being given the opportunity to amend my writing habits.

God Bless you all and good night.



  1. Humility accepts criticism as a grace. You my friend are deep in humility and humility is next to godliness.

    God Bless and Mary Keep,



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