Posted by: geolocke | 2014/10/23

Walking By the Light of Faith

A prayer from my Journal: ‎January ‎30, ‎2005

Lord God almighty, maker of heaven and earth, ruler of all that is seen and unseen, hear my prayer as I come before you this evening. Lord, by my own merits, I am not worthy to be here with you this evening. If I were to happen upon your presence, I should fall to my knees and hide my face from your sight, begging for your forgiveness, for I know that I have not always obeyed your call. If you were to turn me into dust and ashes, to be blown away by your gentlest breath, I would count that as a mercy, for I know how great you are. Yet you still allow me to approach you, and to ask for your forgiveness. Through your mercy and your love, I am healed as you gently and patiently lead me toward Your Heavenly Kingdom. My journey down this road to you began so long ago and yet it seems so fresh to me.

When I was but newly born, I had no knowledge of need, nor hunger, nor thirst. My mother held me close to her and fed me. When I grew frightened, she would pick me up and hold me close. Her heartbeat comforted me, since I had known it from the moment of my conception. She carried me and sang to me and tended to my every need. As I grew, I took my first tentative steps. I faltered at first but I grew stronger in my confidence with each passing day. My mother would hold me steady while my father called me to him. My confidence grew further knowing that my mother and my father were there to catch me should I stumble and fall.

Soon though, I was walking on my own, or rather, I was running. The joy of living was too great to be kept to a walk, so I ran and skipped and jumped and hopped. Using this new freedom, I took to exploring the world around me. Every new twig and leaf, feather and flower, rock and bug that I found, I would take it and run to my parents and excitedly show them my new-found treasure, knowing that each one was precious and unique in the world. I delighted in the gentle summer rains, splashing in puddles and playing in the mud. In the winter, I was captivated by frost crystals on the window, delicate and complex, and beautiful beyond description as they glittered in the moon light.

Then, as a young adult, I strayed for a while, enamored by the beauty which I found all around me, but giving little thought for its creator. But you did not stop calling to me. Instead you used my sense of wonder and delight to look for you, even though I was unaware at the time that it was you I searched for. Patiently you brought me back to you. All of these things Lord and more, indeed all of your creation I delighted in. And although I did not know then how to thank you Lord, I thank you now, for I still find delight in all of your creation, even more than I did when I was a child because now I know that it is really You that I take delight in.

Thank you Lord!

I give you thanks, and praise your Holy Name!

In the markets and in the fields,

I give you thanks, and praise your Holy Name!

In the filthy grayness of the darkest city streets, and in the sunlit glades of the deepest emerald forest,

I give you thanks, and praise your Holy Name!

Alone in the privacy of my inner room, and in the middle of the crowd,

I give you thanks, and praise your Holy Name!

For the gifts of Faith, and Hope, and Love which you have placed within my heart,

I give you thanks, and praise your Holy Name!

For the gift of your very self to me during your most Holy Mass,

I give you thanks, and praise your Holy Name!

Lord, when I consume you during the most Holy Mass, you fill my soul with the very fire of your Holy Spirit. Your Body and Blood course through my veins, and for a short while I become one with you; I dwelling in You just as You dwell within in me. I know that you are always with me. You are always before me, always behind me, always beside me, and always within me, but at that moment, you grant me the grace of being within you too, if only for a short while.

Lord, your presence within me fills my being to its utmost. Your Holy light shines out from deep within me, showing me were to step on my journey to you. If I stray but a little from your Holy path, I will surely know, for your light will not shine there. The sun may shine brightly and warm the earth, but its light is no more than an imitation of your glorious splendor. The moon and stars though beautiful, are cold and hard, holding not the power to warm even my face. Their light is but the merest glimmer, compared to your brilliance, O Lord.

Though I may sometimes walk down dark paths, I am comforted by the faith you have planted within me that allows me to see your light and to follow it. Lord, may I never be tempted to hide your light within me. May I always let your light shine forth from within me to help illuminate the path for those who walk beside me. Lord, my your light shining forth from me help lead others to your heavenly home. Lord, may my prayer be granted according to Your Will.



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