Posted by: geolocke | 2014/09/20

Night Song

O Lord, how I love your gentle night song.

Your bright stars, the distant glow of innumerable suns, bathes the earth with a soft light. Your creatures that creep unseen upon the earth murmur softly in the shadows, and the pine trees gently whisper in the lightest breeze. Lord, your children are quiet at this hour, resting from the activity of the previous day, and while they rest I listen to this, your night song.

During the day hours, The bustle your children’s activity drowns out your night song. The constant rush of traffic with sirens, horns and alarms, and the pounding of construction mixes with the jangling sounds of blaring radios, televisions, and conversations, all seemingly without end.

Lord, surely your song is still present in the background of all our activity and daily noise, just as the stars still shine, though the sun’s brightness blocks them from our eyes. So I retreat to the inner room of my heart, much like Elijah in the cave on Mt. Horeb, and I carry the memory of your night song with me throughout the day’s commotion.

And when night falls once more, after the winds of idle gossip and hearsay have blown around me, after the fires of conflicting passions from those near me have subsided, and after the earth shattering controversies have played out on the daily news cycle, my spirit rejoices once more.

Like Elijah coming forth to greet you Lord, I come forth from my heart’s inner room. I give you thanks Lord for the gifts you have provided me throughout the day, and as your children settle down to sleep, I step out and listen once more to your gentle night song.



  1. George, you have captured the sentiments of the heart that longs to beat in rhythm with the Divine…both day and night.
    Sister Renee


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