Posted by: geolocke | 2014/09/12

Simple Complexity

Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to write down the simplest idea. Not because of a lack of  vocabulary, but just the opposite, too big of a vocabulary.  I have been working on a draft post since Mother’s day and I find that every time I think I’m ready to finally post it, I take one more look and realize that it is still does not truly convey what I want to say, or how I want to say it.

I find that is often the way it is with my thought processes. The idea is terribly simple, but the conveyance becomes complicated because the simplicity is based on lots of background knowledge that the reader (if any) might not possess. so I fill pages with related thoughts and tendrils of other concepts in order to improvise the background against which to present my thought.

It is only when I step back to look at what I have written do I realize that all I’ve accomplished it to paint a landscape of ideas, but my subject is hidden in all the scenery, so I tear it all down and start again, trying to get back to the kernel of my original thought.

I think this is a little like Christianity itself, or perhaps religion in general. It is the simplest of concepts to grasp, yet folks have spent thousands of years writing reams of thought trying to explain it in all its many facets of wondrous beauty (including this feeble attempt.) I think the problem arises because we writers become enamored in the beauty of the subject at the expense of conveying the subject itself to an audience we imagine might be interested (Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!)

So here it is, the infinitely complex concept encapsulated in a simple form;

God, the creator or everything, the great Spirit of Life and all existence (or however you address God), Loves you and cares for you, regardless of whether you believe it or not. God places no conditions on this Love, but does ask you to Love God, Love one another, and Love yourself.

That’s it.  Simple, eh?  Everything else that I write is background. Maybe now I can get back to working on my Mother’s Day post…



  1. […] victim to my own desire to not let the post run away from me by filling in too much detail (see Simple Complexity) and neglected add something that (to me) seemed to be so obvious that it didn’t need to be […]


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