Posted by: geolocke | 2014/08/14

Prayer for Humanity

The weather has provided a wonderful break from the Summer heat and humidity. This morning’s walk was cool and dry and the stars shined clearly in the night sky over our heads. The Gemini twins strolled together and mighty Orion was rising in the east, emerging from his Summer’s hiding in the regions of the Sun. High overhead, the seven sister laughed and danced playfully, and the gibbous Moon shone her light upon all the sleeping world below.

I thought about our primal ancestors who first looked up from their study of the things that creep and crawl upon the earth and set their eyes and their minds to gaze upon the night sky. How bright those stars and moon would have been with no artificial light to dim their view. How the stars seemed to be jut out of their grasp, like bright sparkling dew drops set against the darkest charcoal. And how they must have wondered about the ones that moved with the seasons. How could they not help but come to understand that there must be someone that made those lights, someone that moved those lights, Someone that cared for those lights, just as they themselves made, and moved, and cared for one another.

Our primal ancestors could only gaze up in wonder, never able to reach out and tough those stars, and so it is with us today many tens of thousands of years later. Although our sight has grown better with the development of technology, and our understanding of the forces that created them, moves them, and perpetuates them has grown keener, we are still no more capable of reaching out to those stars and grasping them. We have sent members of our race to the Moon, and they have looked back at us and told us how small and pale and beautiful we look against the backdrop of space, and yet we gotten no farther than that.

We’ve sent probes into deep space, extensions of ourselves, and those probes have looked back at us and we appear as no more than the faintest speck against the star filled blackness of space; insignificant against the immenseness of all that exists. And the deeper we look into the vastness of creation, we still cannot help but wonder about the Spirit that created all of this, the Spirit that I call God.

And yet, we have lost our sense of wonder and instead we insist on trying to kill one another, carrying out petty wars and tribal feuds, hating one another because of the color of each others skin, the place where we live, the addictions we have, and even the children that we bare. We, who from the distance of our furthest reach, appear as no more than the faintest speck, insist on waging wars among ourselves until we are no more.

So I pray as I look up at the stars on my morning walk. I pray that the God who made us and all creation will once again be worthy of our gaze and our wonder. That we will pause from killing ourselves and stop to look up at the heaves above us and realize just hoe insignificant we really are, and how much we really need each other. I Pray that we will come to our senses, while we still have some sense left among us.


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