Posted by: geolocke | 2014/03/06

Ashes and Dust

Black ashes are signed on my forehead; dry and gritty to the touch. To me, they are a reminder of how dry my heart feels within me, thirsting for your righteousness.

My soul withers for want of your living word within me, parched like a small rooted sapling when the soil dries and cracks for want of rain.

How I wish my Spirit were like a mighty Cedar, a Red Wood or a Sequoia! Their Majestic crowns ride among the clouds while their roots sink deep into the earth, reaching the hidden waters that flow far below.

Nurture me, O Lord. Tend to my soul. Till the soil you have planted me in, ashes and dust. Send your gentle rain of compassion to relieve my thirsty roots. Let me grow and hope of the day when my roots run so deep that I no longer worry for the lack of your living water. Then I will rejoice and sing of your righteousness without end, as I reach Heavenward in praise.




  1. Dang, George, this is beautiful.


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