Posted by: geolocke | 2013/12/19

The Prayer of Listening

Sometimes a friend will call out of the blue; worried, depressed, madder-n-hell, or just scared that their world is falling in on them. What a tremendous show of faith that friend has placed in you and here you are feeling wholly inadequate to the task at hand. What task is that, you say? Listening to them and trying your best to not interrupt them while they pour out there very souls.  We’re not talking the Sacrament of Reconciliation here, but instead just old-fashioned good friendship.

In this era of modern communication with instant messaging, texting and being able to call anyone in the world from your own personal portable device, even from the jungles of Guatemala, we seemed to have lost the art of listening to one another. We often feel compelled to begin responding before the other has completed their first sentence.  But to truly help a friend in need requires listening. Listening with compassion, understanding and a bit of humility. The true form of communication requires one person to talk and another to listen.

Sometimes it takes a conscious effort on our part to shut up and let the other talk as much as they want or need to. I fear that sometimes I myself am so busy ‘broadcasting’ that I forget to spend time ‘receiving’. But in the end, if we’ve acted right; if we’ve listened attentively, then perhaps, just maybe, we’ve done something good for another poor soul lost in the storm of life, and isn’t that really all our Lord asks of us?



  1. George,

    You are so right about the prayer of Listening. I want to be a better listener…one person at a time. Thanks!



  2. Very well said! Yes, God gave us the gift of listening as our own “built in 911 call center”. Some folks are naturally good listeners, while others have to work at it, but the bottom line is that we all have the abilty. I think that when we grow that gift, we grow His spirit within us, as God is utimately our best listener. We’re called to mirror Him in so many ways, so the art of listening can seem simple on the surface, but it has very profound depth!


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