Posted by: geolocke | 2013/12/02

One Candle In The Darkness

On my pre-dawn walk this morning, I noticed that a couple of houses had ‘electric candles’ lit in their windows with no other lights on display.  For a moment I entertained the thought that here were at least two households that understood the meaning of Advent as a time of preparing for Christmas, not Christmas itself.

For now it is dark – dark in this day and dark in this world. so I light one candle and I say a prayer. I pray for the safety of those women and men who wander strange paths in strange lands in the cold darkness defending the helpless and the poor. I pray for those who shiver in the cold of this darkness because they have no roof over their head, nor adequate clothes on their backs, nor sufficient food in their bellies. I pray for those who have lost their families whether by war, or addiction, or estrangement or poverty of love. And I pray for those who have given up hope of ever finding their way out of this darkness and back into the light.

I light this one candle, not to chase away the darkness, but to be a sign in the dark. I light it to show that there is someone who cares about what is happening; someone who will let them know that they are not alone; someone who watches for those who are lost and wandering; someone who is ready to welcome them home.

I light this candle and pray that those who wander this darkness will soon find themselves back in the light of Love.


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