Posted by: geolocke | 2013/04/17


As someone who subscribes to the Christian faith, I am taught to be forgiving, to turn the other cheek, to not seek vengeance because vengeance belongs to the Lord. But after yesterday, I am sorely tested in these tenets of my faith. I can not fathom the mindset that would lead one to seek to destroy other lives, guilty or innocent. I am angry and upset and want answers. I want someone to do *something* about all this hatred that leads to such senseless violence.

I must remember that being angry is a natural feeling, but I can not let that anger lead me down the road toward the place from which the person(s) who did this horrible act come from.

breath in . .. … …. …..
breath out – — — —- —–

Trust that God can turn any horrible act into a greater good.

Understand that these evil acts are accomplished by people exercising their free will, a free will that was granted as a gift by God to all of us, a gift that God will not take back from us no matter how much we abuse that gift.

Use my gift of free will to seek Peace in the world, Healing for the sick and injured, and Comfort for the poor and dying.

I will start with prayer. Prayer of Longing, Prayer of listening, Prayer of welcoming the others around me, and Prayer of acting on my faith.

Peace in this world is worth any effort on my part, but I must first make the effort.



  1. Yes. Very true for me too. I must admit, I am getting a little numb to all this senselessness.


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